Post Construction Cleaning

Impress the new neighbors, polish up the building before you hand the keys over.

You’re under pressure to deliver a Multi Million Dollar product.

After all the planning, prepping, and coordinating trades, you are finally ready to wrap this project up. You better trust the company you hire to wash it, they will be the LAST people to touch your build.

Custom Homes – Multi Family -Commercial Developments

We know what it takes to help you deliver,
we’ve been perfecting the process over the past 10 years.


Deadlines approach quickly, our team is effective and efficient. We are used to working around finishing trades, and know how to prioritize what you need on site.

Types of Dirt

Construction dirt is not your usual stuff, it will take more than just a pressure washer to get the results we are after. Much of the building surfaces will have concrete splatter, silicone residue, adhesives, sawdust and mud.


Our technicians are trained in Aerial Work Platform safety and proper operation. We can work with your on site lifts, or bring one for ourselves to use.


A detailing job that the Architects would be proud of! Decks, railings, headers, windows, frames, trim, siding…everything from the top down. We won’t walk away without having checked everything.

How will your completed project look in 2, 3, or 5 years from now?

Its beautiful! Well done. Remember that Mother Nature doesn't care, it's going to start affecting your building right away.

In a few years, your project may not reflect all the care and dedication that you put into it originally. Perhaps the new owners forgot to do some maintenance, or we got hit with a particularly harsh fall and winter. It doesn’t take long for the effects of our coastal environment to show on the building envelopes.

Give your customers a plan to follow

The building is new, and our Easy Maintenance Plan can keep it looking that way. Preserve your reputation by integrating our EMP with the transition of your build; an EMP can assist developers by preventing unnecessary Warranty claims, Deficiency reports, and giving Owners confidence in the fact their property is being maintained from the start.

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Its all about the basics. Cleaning is the first step in any Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters are essential to your home's longevity, especially in our rainy climate. Clean at least 1 time per year.

Roof cleaning

Maintaining your roof should be top of mind! Clearing debris, removing moss, preventing growths, and inspecting for damage are best practices.

Window cleaning

Enjoy your view, and let the light in. Clean windows help your home take in sunlight which we all need. For your health and happiness.

Siding and House Washing

Your siding needs some love. Our methods are designed to refresh the surface without damaging sensitive areas.

pressure washing

Paved surfaces can become slippery from algae buildup. A deep clean will restore the safety and fresh look of your hardscapes.

Deck and Awning

You should enjoy your homes exterior! Decks, Awnings, and other structures make your outdoor life better.

Discover what Wash ME! can do for you:

See why our clients trust us with their Maintenance and Exterior Cleaning needs.

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01:45 10 Jun 23
Wash Me did a terrific job of cleaning our outside deck glass cover. Professional staff and prompt service!
Angela HolbrookAngela Holbrook
22:58 01 Jun 23
Tristan and Tanner came out to wash my windows today. They did an excellent job. They were friendly and courteous . Will be recommending them to my neighbours
Thomas PalmieriThomas Palmieri
04:16 27 May 23
Tristan and Moe did an excellent job on my house. Both were very professional and hard working. I highly recommend!
Oleg CherepinskiyOleg Cherepinskiy
14:18 16 May 23
Tristan and Max really took time to make sure everything is sparkling clean. I'm very satisfied with the job they have done.