Neglect No More! Start your Maintenace Marathon.

Top-to-bottom exterior cleaning &
home maintenance

Catch Up!

If it has been a while since your place has been taken care of, it will likely need a thorough wash and inspection. We can’t undo any damage that has already set in, but we can help you get back on track and in the right direction.


Congratulations if you have been able to stay on top of your home maintenance! Don’t kick your heels up yet, there will be more to do by the next seasons change. We can help!

Jack and Roz

Transform Your Home’s Curb Appeal.

Make your home beautiful again! Whether you plan on staying for good or listing for sale, a fresh exterior certainly boosts curb appeal, sale value, and truly feels better.

Our SmartWash method is gentle on gardens and safe for pets, but strong enough to scour away encrusted algae and grime from your home’s exterior, all while preserving your homes most sensitive elements.

With our proprietary blend of cleaning agents, you can expect your exterior surfaces to stay cleaner for longer.


Our Exterior Cleaning Services Include:

Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters are essential to your home's longevity, especially in our rainy climate. Clean at least 1 time per year.

Roof cleaning

Maintaining your roof should be top of mind! Clearing debris, removing moss, preventing growths, and inspecting for damage are best practices.

Window cleaning

Enjoy your view, and let the light in. Clean windows help your home take in sunlight which we all need. For your health and happiness.

Siding and House Washing

Your siding needs some love. Our methods are designed to refresh the surface without damaging sensitive areas.

pressure washing

Paved surfaces can become slippery from algae buildup. A deep clean will restore the safety and fresh look of your hardscapes.

Deck and Awning

You should enjoy your homes exterior! Decks, Awnings, and other structures make your outdoor life better.

Discover what Wash ME! can do for you:

See why our clients trust us with their Maintenance and Exterior Cleaning needs.

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01:45 10 Jun 23
Wash Me did a terrific job of cleaning our outside deck glass cover. Professional staff and prompt service!
Angela HolbrookAngela Holbrook
22:58 01 Jun 23
Tristan and Tanner came out to wash my windows today. They did an excellent job. They were friendly and courteous . Will be recommending them to my neighbours
Thomas PalmieriThomas Palmieri
04:16 27 May 23
Tristan and Moe did an excellent job on my house. Both were very professional and hard working. I highly recommend!
Oleg CherepinskiyOleg Cherepinskiy
14:18 16 May 23
Tristan and Max really took time to make sure everything is sparkling clean. I'm very satisfied with the job they have done.